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Annapolis Coatings is the company to call if you wish for a professional interior or exterior house painting service in Maryland. We know the meaning of a good first impression, so let us assist you in beautifying your home and completing that project you’ve always dreamed of completing.

Interior and Exterior House Painting Service

The number one benefit of hiring Annapolis Coatings to complete that painting job you’ve been wanting so much is the relaxation you will feel from not having to go through the intensive detail-oriented work it requires, including the elimination of potentially hazardous situations. You have us for that. When you are ready to have a professional paint your home or business with exceptional quality results, call Annapolis Coatings, as we will be more than ready to assist you with the painting service you need.

Enhance the aesthetic of every room in your home and make the space even more enjoyable! With our residential house painting service you can be assured you will get the exact results you’ve been wanting for so long, as we make sure every project’s results are exceptional.

We can also take care of your deck, outside areas and walls, and patios. We have just the right tools and high-quality materials to make every job perfect. We have many years of experience and many satisfied customers are our guarantee of a job well done. Annapolis Coatings has stayed in business because of our repeat customers that hire us year after year as their trusted residential painting service. We value our relationship with our customers and the trust they put in us. Give us a call today!

Annapolis Coatings is the most recommended company in the area, and our professional residential painting services are the base we stand on. With many years of experience, we keep renovating our services to be the most relevant for our clients. Our highly professional team is ready to complete any interior or exterior house painting service project you might have.

Our Coatings and Painting Services Include:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior House Painting
  • Deck Sealing
  • Coatings
  • Staining
  • Trim Work

Why You Should Utilize a Residential Painting Service for Your Exterior House Painting Job

When you want to improve your home’s exterior look with a fresh coat of paint, you should engage a residential painting service. There is more to painting than it meets the eye, and it takes a professional painter to deliver an outstanding paint job. To experience the exceptional quality of a paint job and give your house exteriors that brand new look you have been longing for, you should utilize an exterior house painting service.

When you hire a residential painting service for your exterior house painting job, you will benefit from the following.

Increase Your Home Value

A new paint job will increase the value of your home by a big margin. You may not paint your house exteriors with the intention of listing it on the market, but if you decided to sell your newly painted house, it would fetch a better price. Most home buyers are first attracted to a house from its exterior look – curb appeal. If the exterior painting of your home looks worn out and in dire need of a retouch, prospective buyers may view the house as old and unmaintained and overlook it. However, after house painters work on your house exterior, it will enhance your house’s curb appeal. Even if you don’t intend to sell your home, having a beautiful exterior feels great.

Avoid a Messy and Poor Paint Job

Painting can be very messy, especially when done by a less experienced painter. A trustworthy residential painting service employs unique ways to prevent the paint from messing up your floors, landscape plants, and other parts of your house that can be messed up by paint. A poor paint job is worse than no paint job. You don’t want to DIY your house painting and end up with a poorly executed paint job. Instead, utilize an exterior house painting service and have your house painted by Annapolis house painters. We are experts in this craft!

A Professional Paint Job Is Durable and Long-Lasting

A good paint job is long-lasting and will maintain the value of your house for a long time. People use paint as the main decorative agent for their houses, which has been the case for over 30,000 years. Even the early humans, cave dwellers, used paint to draw their life representations during their time. Today, those drawings are still visible. When you engage painting companies to paint the house exteriors, you can be assured that the painting will serve your house for a long time before you have to repaint.

Professional House Painters Will Spot Other Defects in Your House

Before undertaking your house painting project, a painting company will first prepare the exterior surfaces by washing off any mildew, chalk, and dust. Sanding, patching, carpentry works, and rot repairs may also be applied. During the surface preparation process, the painters can easily spot any mold or decayed parts of your house. They will advise you on the best way to renovate the defective parts before starting the paint job. Overall, it will preserve the structural integrity of your house as you will conduct the necessary renovations.

House Painters Have More Knowledge of Colors and Patterns

There are different types of paints, which range from oil paints to emulsion paints to enamel paints. Further, paint manufacturers are coming up with new paint strains and constantly improving on the existing ones. With so many options how do you know the newest paint color that will serve your house best? To avoid the hassle of extensive research and trial and error, simply engage with a residential painting service to get the paint job done perfectly.

When you need to paint your house, you are better off engaging with a residential painting service. A quality paint job will improve your house’s overall aesthetics and boost the value of your home. You should trust the top painting companies for your house’s painting project. The last thing you should think of is DIY painting, as you may end up doing your house more harm than good.

Q&A Time: Let’s Answer Some Common Questions About Residential Painting Projects

What type of paint is typically used in residential homes?

Oftentimes, a water-based paint is used by a professional residential painting service for interior painting projects. A water-based paint is ideal because it dries quickly, contains fewer VOCs, looks stunning, and is easy to clean.

Can I stay home while the inside of my home is being painted?

It is possible for homeowners to stay home while a residential painting project is underway. However, if the kitchen and/or bathrooms are being painted, it may be difficult to perform daily tasks. Additionally, it can be safer for family members to stay away for 2-3 days after the project is done so the paint can dry completely.

How do I choose proper colors?

The colors you choose for your interior or exterior painting project are completely up to you! However, we know you may not be an expert in choosing the best colors for your home. That’s why our team members are always at your disposal. We are more than happy to help you choose colors that will make your home look cohesive and beautiful.

Do I need to prepare my home beforehand?

As an interior and exterior house painting service you can trust, our team will do all of the heavy lifting! We will move and/or cover all necessary furniture and items before we start a painting project. However, if you have valuables and/or breakables, we suggest tucking them away yourself for safe protection.

Do I need to provide the paint?

You do not need to worry about purchasing paint for the project beforehand. We buy a lot of paint, so we can get the best deals. We will guide you through the process of choosing the colors you desire, and then we will take care of the rest! That said, if you want to buy your own paint, or have already done so, and are looking for a residential painting service to apply it, we can do that too!

How often should the exterior of my home be painted?

Depending on the quality of your last exterior house painting project, the exterior of any home should be painted every 5-10 years by a trusted residential painting service. A new paint job by a professional exterior house painting service will make your home look visually appealing and increase your home’s value!

How often should the interior of my home be painted?

Every 3-5 years is the best time frame to repaint the interior of your home. Based on your lifestyle and the activities occurring in your home on a day-to-day basis, you may need to repaint more often to keep your walls looking fresh and clean.

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